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  1. If you could work with any actor/actress, who would it be.   ~   MachineMan
    Denzel Washington and that's because I need to test myself with one of the best in the game.

  2. What was your favorite scene that you filmed on The Walking Dead and why?   ~   Mason B
    When Rick and Daryl had the gun and knife to me and I told them to do what they have to do... I felt like I really meant it.

  3. Why did you decide to be an actor?   ~   BlueMoon
    Acting chose me because I never thought about doing it... Saw a play and fell in Love with it.

  4. What is your favorite movie?   ~   SweetLover88
    Sling Blade... Billy Bob wasn't getting a chance in Hollywood so he made his own movie and starred in it... That's good stuff and he did a great job.

  1. If you could be on any TV show which one would it be?   ~   Jessica Day
  2. Who is your favourite cast member to work with on The Walking Dead?   ~   SilverCat
  3. Who is the prankster on set?   ~   SweetLover88
  4. How do you like to spend your freetime?   ~   Natalie1992
  5. What is your favorite color?   ~   BlueMoon