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  1. What is your favourite ice-cream flavour?   ~   StarsQA Team
    So Delicious Coconut Peanut Butter Chocolate Ice Cream

  2. Would you rather be able to talk to animals or read human minds?   ~   StarsQA Team
    Talk to animals for sure, humans can be so confusing sometimes!

  3. Would you rather be immortal and live forever or be mortal and live a normal life span?   ~   StarsQA Team
    Live a normal life span - but choose to live every day to the fullest!

  4. What's your favorite food?   ~   tkdigiboy
    My mom's homemade Spaghetti

  5. If you could reinvent a movie theatre snack, what would it be?   ~   StarsQA Team
    Sour flavored popcorn

  6. Would you rather be rich with no friends, or poor with many friends?   ~   StarsQA Team
    Poor with many friends, of course! Money can't buy you happiness!

  7. Who is your favourite author and book they have written?   ~   StarsQA Team
    C.S. Lewis - all books in the Narnia series

  8. Have you got any current/upcoming projects that you would like to tell us about?   ~   StarsQA Team
    Stayed's coming up!

  9. Who is your favourite comedian?   ~   StarsQA Team
    Kevin James, even though he's not really a "comedian" but he is a comedic actor. My next favorite would be Adam Sandler.

  10. Who is your favourite villain and why?   ~   StarsQA Team
    The Rhino - because have you seen him? He's cool