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  1. How do you prepare for auditions?   ~   StarsQA Team
    Well, the first thing I do is review the "character breakdown" which describes the character a little. I do this to get a feel for how this person is. Then I do a thing called 'script analysis", which means gleaning all the info I can about the scene, IE: What is the relation to the other person in the scene? What are we doing? Where are we? What does my character want? How is my character going to get what they want? Etc. Then I determine how my lines should be delivered. How should my character be reacting to the other person? And what body language is needed to support the scene. Then all of that is put together to "sell the scene" during the audition.

  2. Any tattoo stories you're comfortable sharing? Thanks for being so great to your fans- it's always a hoot to go to Twitter or Instagram and see your photos and conversations. (Yes- I said 'hoot'. Don't judge. lol)   ~   Ruth St.Marie
    Good question Ms Ruth! Well, I had a small tattoo cut off of my cheek and some lasered off my hands. When the surgeon cut the one off my cheek she asked if I wanted the little scar lasered away. I said NOOOOOO and asked if she could make me a bigger, cool scar across my cheek instead to give me character! She said NOOOOOO! Ha