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  1. Tim, do you like working with Elizabeth Mitchell? You guys are great in your scenes in Revolution! :)   ~   Josephine
    Yeah, Liz is a doll.

  2. If you could work with any one who would it be and why?   ~   Britnie
    There's a bunch of people I'd love to work with. Meryl Streep, Robert Duvall. I'm just constantly inspired by the work they do.

  3. Did you always want to be an actor?   ~   ghfan33
    That or a forest ranger

  4. Hi! what do you find is the biggest challenge when it comes to your profession?   ~   Brent Castro
    Unemployment - and if you're lucky enough to work steadily, adapting to a life on the road

  5. Do you prefer to play or watch sports?   ~   SilverCat
    To play them!

  6. If you could live in any city which one would it be and why?   ~   Leila
    Paris I think. I just love it. I feel at home there. And hope at some point to move there for a couple of years.

  7. Tim, do you have any guilty pleasures? If yes, what are they? :)   ~   Josephine
    Recently Duck Dynasty

  8. Tim, what were your first thoughts when you read the script for the pilot of Revolution? :)   ~   Katherine
    I was really excited by the premise. I had worked with Kripke before and Jon had directed me in the first two Iron Man movies. So I was excited to work with them again. Billy and Zak and I had all worked together before, so that was cool. And of course everybody wants to work with JJ

  9. Did you watch the gymnastic show Make It or Break It on ABC Family?   ~   lauren
    No I didn't see it.

  10. Why did you decide to be an actor?   ~   SilverCat
    Oh man, that would take a book to answer, but I love the required empathy for doing the job, the discovery of characters lives, also just the social element of being on set or at the theatre.... it goes on and on