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  1. How do you prepare for auditions?   ~   StarsQA Team
    To prepare for auditions I study my lines, sometimes I will record and act out the lines with my sisters and we take turns role playing

  2. What are your aspirations in life? Also where do you see yourself in ten years?   ~   Daniel
    Great question. I would have to say as far as aspirations go I am really leaving all my options open. I love learning about filming and video and have some amazing opportunities coming my way in the near future. One of them being I got accepted in a week long trip to Ottawa Alberta Canada where I will be learning more about communications and social media. 10 years from now I can't really say I love trying new things this year in school I tried welding. Love it!!

  3. What is your most memorable moment in a pageant or film?   ~   Mikkayla
    Well I will never forget the time I was an extra for a movie 'Until First Light'. I farted so loud I swear the boom mic picked it up, I had to regain myself because my sister who was also an extra with me couldn't stop laughing. As for pageants I would have to say it's all about meeting new people and being yourself out on the stage.

  4. What is the best part of doing pageants ? What is one important thing you have learned so far   ~   Kelly
    The best part of doing pageants would have to be the self confidence you gain . If I could pick one thing I have learned so far that would have to be that pageants have gave me the opportunity to have confidence and believe in myself

  5. What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you while participating in pageants?   ~   Dayna
    I think the most embarrassing thing is forgetting a dance routine on stage , and hoping you don't mess up on a interview question