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  1. Do you have a wardrobe consultant? Where do you get your clothes?   ~   Crystal Clear
    Great question! I do all my own styling for my outfits. I love to shop and put patterns and textures together. I am really into taking retro looks and adding a modern twist to them. I shop at lots of different places, but I LOVE to bargain shop!

  2. Tara, if you could go back in time, how far back will you go, to what place, who will you meet and why? :)   ~   Josephine
    I would like to go back and meet a young Walt Disney when he was in the middle of creating the character Mickey Mouse. I have always admired his vision and creativity and belief in his dreams. I would love to be able to watch him work and ask him questions.

  3. If you could work with any one who would it be and why?   ~   Britnie
    I would love to work with either Hilary Duff or Sara Paxton. I admire both of them for being able to navigate being a child actor successfully. Both have also been able to transition to being adult actors. I've actually met Sara at a fund raiser for eating disorders, and she was super nice.

  4. Did you always want to be an actress?   ~   ghfan33
    I think so. I know I have wanted to act since I was about 4. I think that you have to do what you are passionate about, and acting is like breathing for me, it's something I have to do.

  5. Hi! what do you find is the biggest challenge when it comes to your profession?   ~   Brent Castro
    Great question. I think scheduling is the hardest thing. Every day, every week, every month is different. I am used to my schedule always being different, but people who are not in the entertainment business don't understand. So it makes it hard on friends and family sometimes.