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  1. Do you prefer to play or watch sports?   ~   MachineMan
    I would definitely rather WATCH sports. So dangerous.

  2. Shannon, what major movie franchise would you like to be a part of and why? :)   ~   Josephine
    I would have to say The Hunger Games franchise. I read the novels and they're fantastic.

  3. Are you going to be part of All My Children when it become a Web series?   ~   Germaine
    Hmmmmmm.... we're working on a little something something :)

  4. What were some of your favorite parts in the show & off air?   ~   Sabrina Stark
    I adore everyone who works on HH (cast and crew), so every moment I spent with them are memorable.

  5. Do you miss Hollywood Heights?   ~   Gurneet
    YES. I miss Hollywood Heights. I met so many amazing people!

  6. How was it for you to have so much drama on the show? Did it feel like real life?   ~   SilverCat
    I was fine with the drama on AMC and HH. My life is very peaceful and drama-free so it was fun in a way. It did feel to me because the story lines on both shows were so real.

  7. Hi Shannon I have seen you many things. In what movie or TV show was the best experience for you?   ~   BlueMoon
    I would definitely have to say All My Children. That show was such an incredible thing to be a part of. It allowed me to grow as an actress, which led to many new roles for me.

  8. What do you like to do on your days off?   ~   R0ckerChick
    I love to spend time with my family and friends to just relax. I love to travel, as well.

  9. Who inspired u to act?   ~   MachineMan
    Angela Bassett inspired me. I hope that I can be half of what she is as an actress one day.