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Actress / Singer SongWriter / Model

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  1. How did you get your start?   ~   Alana
    Hello Alana:) I started when I was 5 with Ford Models in Miami, Florida. Stay Bright #Laurelites

  2. What's your favorite color?   ~   john cruz
    Hello Jon,
    My favorite color is mint green on the vintage side or surf green.

  3. What inspires you to sing?   ~   jonathan
    Hi Jonathan,
    I guess, singing is just in my heart. A gift from God. Singing makes me happy. I get melodies stuck in my head and then write lyrics about my life's experiences and feelings.

  4. What is the hardest part about being a model, actress, singer and songwriter?   ~   ruthie lazenberry
    Hardest part about:
    1. Acting: The time constraints from last minute auditions that flip your schedule upside down.
    2. Modeling: Skimpy Clothing.
    3. Singer/Songwriter: Sloppy sound engineers.