Samuel Caruana relishes the opportunities he's had to combine his love for music with his love for acting. He began his career as a Jazz musician. He took his first music lessons at age five. He started playing soprano saxophone at age six and was the youngest member of The New York Jazz Academy at the tender age of seven. He grew up watching his Grammy Award winning father record and mix some of the most iconic records and artists in music, so it was only natural for him to learn the art of audio engineering on the Neve and SSL boards at studios like Sony Music in New York and Capital Records in L.A.

He's performances on television include roles on the Disney series "Girl Meets World", the ABC television series "The Neighbors" and the FOX series "FOX Shortcoms". He has also worked in film with Academy Award winning cinematographer "Vilmos Zsigmond" and in stage productions in New York with " Beau Willimon" and "Michael Shannon" and in Los Angeles with "Debbie Allen" and "Tracee Ellis-Ross". He has had leading roles in music videos for "Fall Out Boy", "Aloe Blacc" and "Mac Miller".

He is also an equestrian, vanguard archer shooting left handed olympic bow and was a competitive fencer, using foil and epee.
Character nameSeries nameYear aired
Sheldon Girl Meets World 2015
Arthur The Fertile River 2015
Anthony Jones Microchip Jones 2015
The Kid The Youngblood Chronicles 2014
Dylan Young Moms 2013
Carl The Neighbors 2013
Hector Victorious 2013
Samuel Salazar Jr. Killer Kids 2012
Trick or Treater Modern Family 2012

Character nameFilm nameYear aired
Gabe Early Previous Man 2017
Luke Longing for Flesh and Blood 2015
Lego Whiz Kid Not Another Celebrity Movie 2013
Davenport Camp Sunshine 2013

Character nameFilm nameYear aired
The kid Fall Out Boy: The Young Blood Chronicles 2014
The kid Fall Out Boy Save Rock and Roll 2014
Henry Adams Her Name Is Clover 2014
The kid Fall Out Boy the Phoenix 2013
Nemo Peanut Butter & Jelly 2013
The kid Fall Out Boy: The Mighty Fall 2013
The kid Fall Out Boy Death Valley 2013
Kierky Kickstart Theft 2012
Vin Change of Plans 2012
Sabastian Hummingbird 2011

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