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  1. What's the most interesting character you have ever played?   ~   Andrew Reinhardt
    Hm... probably Amy Cobb in SIN BY MURDER. Detective by day, but obviously she has either a past or a night life that barely gets touched upon, and leaves you wondering.

  2. What classic film do you wish you starred in and why?   ~   Robert
    Hm... honestly, I'd probably choose GREASE. It's fun and campy and such a departure from anything I've done thus far.

  3. Are you planning convention appearances in PA, NJ, NY, MD?   ~   Robert
    There's always hope! Be sure to request me to the convention promoters! That's the key!

  4. What's your feel good movie choice?   ~   Robert
    Grease. It's a campy classic!

  5. What movie would you remake if you wrote the script?   ~   Robert
    I'd rather take on an original project, than to subject the world to yet another remake.

  6. Dear Ryli, What is absolutely your favorite role in a movie, or shoot on a location for photos. It would be interesting to get your take on this!   ~   Bill Montague
    Hmmmm... I really enjoyed portraying Nicole in EXPENDABLE, because I got to have an attitude and be snarky, and (potential spoiler) a bit vampy... ;) As for a shoot location for photos, lately, it's been my own backyard.

  7. Who motivated you to act?   ~   Robert
    Acting was a life-long dream, but my husband, Mark, definitely helped me find the confidence to chase that dream.

  8. What is the worst film you have ever seen?   ~   Robert
    I'm going to have to plead the fifth on this one. ;) Seriously, though, I always find *something* to like, even in a "bad" film.

  9. Which actor would you want to work with?   ~   Robert
    Hmmm... there are SO many, it's difficult to choose!

  10. What are some of your best BTS stories about film making?   ~   Really Awesome
    It's difficult to choose, to be honest, from a decade of films. Mostly just the fun we all had on set, lots of laughs for various reasons. The best moments usually made it to the gag reels (shameless plug). ;)