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  1. Have you got any current/upcoming projects that you would like to tell us about?   ~   StarsQA Team
    I have two exciting things coming up this month. I will be a contestant in the Miss Capital City Pin Up contest as well as modeling runway for the event. I also have been cast in a TV pilot called Losing My Soul. I will be playing one of the lead characters named Yin. Its about a girl who struggles in daily life with the evils of drugs and bad influences but comes out stronger in the end.

  2. What's your ultimate dream vacation spot?   ~   StarsQA Team
    My ultimate dream vacation....hmmmmmm? I have two. One would be to go to England or Ireland and stay in a huge castle and see the beautiful countryside. The second would be to stay on a private tropical island with no one around except my closest of friends and all the food and drinks we desire at our fingertips.

  3. If you could be any superhero's sidekick for a day, who would it be?   ~   StarsQA Team
    If I could be a superheros sidekick for a day I would of course choose Wonder Woman. If I can't be her Id love to hang out and help her defeat the injustice in this world.

  4. What does your name say about you?   ~   StarsQA Team
    My name means little rock in French and I feel like it says that I am strong in my beliefs and I am anchored to the ground.

  5. If you could have picked your birthday to be on a national holiday before you were born, which one would it be?   ~   StarsQA Team
    If I could pick my birthday to be on a national holiday it would be the Fourth of July. It has everything I love, summertime, fireworks, family and friends together, cook outs, and the list goes on and on.

  6. Have you got any current/upcoming projects that you would like to tell us about?   ~   StarsQA Team
    I have some things in the works so STAY TUNED..........

  7. What has been your favourite moment of this year so far?   ~   StarsQA Team
    My favorite moment from this year so far was getting to have two of my firsts at one time. Getting to go to a Comic Con and being a guest at a Comic Con and sitting on a panel. I am hooked and ready for my next one.

  8. What is the strangest food you have ever eaten, what did it taste like and did you like it?   ~   StarsQA Team
    The strangest food I had ever eaten was beef tongue. I had it at an authentic Mexican restaraunt and it tasted just like really tender stew beef. But if I had known what I was eating initially I probably wouldnt have eaten

  9. How would you explain colour to a blind person?   ~   StarsQA Team
    I guess the way I would describe color to a blind person would be how the color makes me feel emotionally. Red would be associated with fire, passion, hot, anger maybe. Blue calmness, sadness, ocean, serenity. Purple mysterious, deep, royal.

  10. If you were a fruit or vegetable, what would you be?   ~   StarsQA Team
    If I were a fruit or vegetable what would I be? Hmmmmmmm, good question. I think I would be something tropical like a coconut. Hard exterior but sweet on the inside. Can withstand what nature throws at them but can also give sweetness to all it is added to.