Giveaways we have had in the past and their winners...

  1. Who is the actress or actor you most look up to? - Andrew Reinhardt
  2. What has been your most challenging role, and why? - Susan Ruffolo
  3. How do you balance school and acting? - John Conenna
  4. What do you love most about acting? - antonia
  5. What was it like to work with Cleo Tellier? Was it intimidating? - Lucy459

  1. Attend the very last Rush concert or direct your own TV show with today's hottest star? - Gigi

  1. Dylan Brody: Do you feel you have more in common with Bob Dylan or Roy Scheider's character (Brody) in Jaws, and why? - Ruben Padilla
  2. When did you know you that you want to do stand up? - Paul
  3. If you were not Dylan Brody, which living artist/poet/comedian/author would you want to be and why? - Reb

  1. What kind of music do you like? - Andy
  2. Do you like to travel? If so where do you like to go? - katelin

  1. What is the best way to start out in acting and become an actor? - Saaya G.
  2. Any advice for girls who want to be actors? How can you be more confident? - Cynthia
  3. What is the most interesting role that you have played? - Andy

  1. What singer inspired you to get into singing? - Andy Reinhardt
  2. Do you play any instruments? - Sophia
  3. What is your favorite song you have written? - Victoria
  4. Who are some of your favorite artists or bands? - Brent Castro

  1. As well as acting, you have a beautiful voice, and are a very good singer Natalie. Have you had professional training? Or is it just natural talent? - Allan Goddard

  1. Will you be doing anymore gothic shoots- perhaps, depicting yourself as a vampire or something? Gory and suspenseful? - Bill Montague
  2. What was your biggest inspiration growing up and if you could play a particular character in a movie, what would it be? - James A. Mills
  3. What are some of your best BTS stories about film making? - Really Awesome
  4. What classic film do you wish you starred in and why? - Robert
  5. What's the most interesting character you have ever played? - Andrew Reinhardt

  1. Favorite genre of music? - mfick1
  2. What is your favorite school subject? - Max Martinez
  3. How long do you practice your acting sides for class? How do you practice? - Karla
  4. What is your favorite part of being an actor? - Samantha Wilson
  5. If you can't be an actor as an adult, and I hope that it is not the case, what else would you like to do for a living? - STEVE ABRAHAM

  1. Are you proud of yourself looking back at everything you've achieved and would you do anything differently? - Jordan
  2. I have no background in the acting community but I'm so impressed with your work ethic. So generally speaking, how long does an actor/actress give themselves a chance to make it? - John
  3. How did you get into acting/modelling and how can you find a reputable agent. - Andrew Blaner

  1. Instead of Dr. O what role would you rather have, on Odd Squad? - Dylan

  1. When did you start your acting career? and who inspired you to become an actor? - Sofia hinds
  2. I have 2 kind of just for fun questions about your work on Odd Squad. What was the hardest scene to film? I mean I know you did a lot of takes, but what scene did you have to put the most effort into? Also, what was your favorite scene to film? Thanks! - Vincent
  3. How did you find your passion for talent as an actor? - Jered Fuller
  4. What's your favorite part of acting? And what's your least favorite part? - Abigayle
  5. When you finished filming the first episode of Odd Todd, what was your reaction? - Huntyr Andrews
  6. Did you have to rehearse your laugh or did you show it to them, and they thought it was great so they used. - Bethany
  7. What is your favorite part about working on the set of Odd Squad? - Perilheart
  8. Hi, what do you do for fun when your not doing an Odd Squad episode? - Steven
  9. How much of the dialogue on Odd Squad is added in after filming? - Kerry C.
  10. Hey, Josh! Big fan of Odd Squad, how hard or easy is it to get in character for playing Odd Todd? - Iyana Dawkins

  1. Favorite genre of music? - mfick1

  1. GRAND PRIZE: Who is your idol? And why? - Kendal Berkseth
  2. If you could play any sport professionally when you are older what would it be? - Harold
  3. What is your favourite acting job so far? :) - Antonia
  4. Do you plan on being an actress for the rest of your life? - Olivia Smith
  5. What kinds of films are your favorite to film, so far? - Tracy

  1. For Grady Port = Hey Grady, What made you want to play your character in The Substitute Spy? - Jonathan Millard
  2. For Demetrius Pope JR = Do you want to be an actor later on? What other jobs do you like? :) - Antonia
  3. For Grady Port = How long have you been acting? - Julie Brown

  1. How is it for you to see yourself on TV? - Antonia

  1. Do you have a favourite song to sing? :) - Antonia

  1. Seeing your very busy. When you get any free time. What is you favorite thing to do? - Josh Giannott
  2. What acting role would you like to do if given the chance? - James Lewis
  3. What is that scariest thing that you can think of that hasn't been put in a movie yet? - Chris

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