Newest stars

This is a list of the newest stars (with the newest ones at the top)

    Madisyn Weiss

    Teenage Girl 2 - School Bus Diaries (TV Show)

    Camille Guaty

    Nina Sandoval - Daytime Divas (TV Show)

    Athena Park

    Kerrigan - Killjoys (TV Show)

    Savana Tardieu

    Breaker Kid - The Dark Tower (Movie)

    Kennedy Anthony

    Jane's friend - Bad Moms (Movie)

    Hudson West

    Jake Webber - General Hospital (TV Show)

    Nicholas Fry

    Morris - Max & Ruby (TV Show)

    Timothy Bowman

    Darrell - Murder Among Friends (TV Show)

    Tara Burrows

    Believing - A.J. and Tara