Newest stars

This is a list of the newest stars (with the newest ones at the top)

    Eve Moon

    Mikayla - The Millers (TV Show)

    Stefani Kimber

    Josie Pye - Anne of Green Gables (Movie)

    Charlie Ray Reid

    Young Eric Bourquin - The Long Road Home (TV Show)

    Amber Romero

    Molly - Clique Wars (TV Show)

    Tyler Mazzei

    Beacon Boy - Outcast (TV Show)

    Skylar Radzion

    Sky Walters - Super Drycleaners (TV Show)

    Madisyn Weiss

    Amanda - School Bus Diaries (TV Show)

    Camille Guaty

    Nina Sandoval - Daytime Divas (TV Show)

    Athena Park

    Kerrigan - Killjoys (TV Show)