Character nameSeries nameYear aired
Nicholas Westworld 2018
Alistair Duquesne The Originals 2017
Jack Byrne Absentia 2017
Richard Reilly Grantchester 2017
Randall Turner Blindspot 2016
Rick Dillinger Person of Interest 2014
Abraham Van Brunt Sleepy Hollow 2013-2015
Dwight Lawson Lightfields 2013
Baron Jo 2013
David Lawrence White Collar 2011
Harry Spargo Upstairs Downstairs 2010-2012
Lucas Hellinger FlashForward 2010
Sasha Beloff Make It or Break It 2009-2012
Wraith Stargate: Atlantis 2009
Paul Sanders CSI: Miami 2008
Duncan Collins The Cleaner 2008
Ian How I Met Your Mother 2007
Michael CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 2007
Marcus Van Sciver Blade: The Series 2006
John Donovan Cold Case 2006
Dale Sugar Rush 2005
Khalek Stargate SG-1 2005
Pte. Robbie McCoy Red Cap 2004
Stuart Gilley The Last Detective 2003
Jeremy Purves Heartbeat 2002
Marcus Saul Silent Witness 2002
Charlie The House That Jack Built 2002
Matthew Is Harry on the Boat? 2002
Luke Ultimate Force 2002
Phil Wallis Dream Team 2001-2003

Character nameFilm nameYear aired
Russ Ray Meets Helen 2017
Christopher Nocturnal Animals 2016
Prince Dai Lumen 2015
Sam House of Secrets 2014
Tre Table for Three 2009
Mr. Slate Quantum of Solace 2008
Adam The Passage 2007
Flt. Sgt. Simkins The Last Drop 2006
Duke of Earl The Thirst 2006
Man at Disco Breakfast on Pluto 2005
Perdiccas Alexander 2004

Character nameFilm nameYear aired
Len Seed 2016
Man No Place Like Home 2014
Man Neil Jackson: Rocket to MArs 2013
Man Holding a Candle 2012
Marcus Cole Blood Soldiers: Interrogation 2011

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