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  1. Who was your favourite cast member to work with on General Hospital?   ~   SilverCat
    Kelly Sullivan.

  2. If you could only describe Rebecca Herbst in one word, what would it be?   ~   @alwayzbetrue

  3. If you could be on any TV show which one would it be?   ~   Jessica Day
    Games of thrones.

  4. Would you ever do comedy, in a series?   ~   Rosanna
    Yes, I love comedy. And I will forever expand my instrument.

  5. What was your favorite subject in school?   ~   sabrina

  6. Do you enjoy connecting with fans like this and on twitter and Facebook?   ~   Lexi
    Love my fans and will always stay connected.

  7. What's the story behind The Sugar? Like the name and the forming of it?   ~   Jessi
    Started with my good buddy Charles Benson. The name came about cause we always said lines like... come in sugar... in all our songs.

  8. What is a question that you get often?   ~   Marco
    Is that a real Aussie accent?

  9. What is your favorite song?   ~   savannah
    Keep me in mind - Zac Brown Band.

  10. What is one place you would like to visit?   ~   Peter