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  1. Have you got any current/upcoming projects that you would like to tell us about?   ~   StarsQA Team
    Right now I am auditioning, auditioning and auditioning. And I am playing my music anywhere/anytime I can.

  2. What has been your favourite moment of this year so far?   ~   StarsQA Team
    It would have to have been when my mom got us tickets to the ACM awards here in Dallas.

  3. What is the strangest food you have ever eaten, what did it taste like and did you like it?   ~   StarsQA Team
    A brussel sprout. I am not a fan.

  4. How would you explain colour to a blind person?   ~   StarsQA Team
    Colors to me are like feelings. Red is passionate, hot and strong. Blue is peaceful, calm and refreshing. Without color, our world would be dull and dreary.

  5. If you were a fruit or vegetable, what would you be?   ~   StarsQA Team
    I would be a plum. Sweet and sassy

  6. Are you a nervous flyer or a calm one?   ~   StarsQA Team
    Very calm. I love seeing the world from above.

  7. Would you rather be rich with no friends, or poor with many friends?   ~   StarsQA Team
    Because I have such wonderful friends and family, I feel I am already rich.

  8. Who is your favourite author and book they have written?   ~   StarsQA Team
    Charles Dickens "Oliver Twist"

  9. Who is your favourite superhero and why   ~   StarsQA Team
    My mom. She is awesome especially being able to take care of my brother and I all on her own.

  10. Do you have a particular song stuck in your head at the moment?   ~   StarsQA Team
    Take Your Time by Sam Hunt