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  1. How do you prepare for auditions?   ~   StarsQA Team
    My preparation generally depends on the demands of the role. I like to gain as much knowledge from personal experience and real life observation as possible, but of course, I don't put myself in any kind of situation that would compromise my health or safety. People watching, observing interviews, and reading up on as much legitimate research as possible are all great options! Once I feel like I have a solid understanding and interpretation of the character, I try to spend a little time in their mind. I'll meditate on their possible experiences and how those might have shaped them, which determines the way they behave in interactions with others and their relationships. Then I spend some time breaking down the script and determining what parts to emphasize or where there may be hidden meaning. I don't get too attached to my ideas though, as I like to leave plenty of room for direction. I'll often ask ahead of time, if I am able, about who the character is, their backstory, and what the scene is supposed to relay. This is my base for everything else.

  2. I love that you take on all kinds of roles and even do your own stunts! What is your favorite kind of role to play?   ~   Jia
    Hi Jia! I love performing in character roles, because they give me an opportunity to create a completely different personality outside of my own. My biggest inspiration for these sorts of roles would be the characters often portrayed by Helena Bonham Carter!

  3. What would be your dream role to play?   ~   Joel
    I would love to play any role alongside Meryl Streep or Benedict Cumberbach! I would definitely love working with Ryan Gosling as well.