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  1. What project are you working on next?   ~   Jamie
    Training Day airs February 2nd on cbs. I'm launching my new blog this month ! And I'm developing a couple of projects of my own.

  2. A little #OTH question, I sometimes wonder how Taylor's life is now. And when you posted a picture with Tyler Hilton, I got this 'crazy' idea, about Taylor back to Tree Hill, with Chris Keller! So I would like to know what you think!   ~   CĂ©line
    Oh I love that idea!

  3. Would you consider a role as a vampire, werewolf or zombie?   ~   Jamie
    Yes! Though vampire would be my favorite choice. They're still pretty :-P

  4. How does your role in 'Women and sometimes men' differentiate from your other roles? And will it be released on dvd?   ~   Courtney
    It is finally finished and being submitted to film festivals now.
    The role is different for me since it's a very indie film, more long drawn out moments holding on the actors for conversations, which I've always wanted to experience. Also it's a film about exploration, in sex and relationships. My character finds another woman attracted to her and because of the chemistry she's inquisitive, which to me is beautiful and real and very much of the era I've grown up in.

  5. What's your favorite holiday? :D   ~   Philip Gipson
    Christmas and thanksgiving :) I love the feeling in the air and the food

  6. What type/genre of movies and television shows do you addition for?   ~   Jamie
    All types. A lot of stronger female characters, I don't usually get called in for a naive girl next door type or someone that can be walked all over, I don't think I give off that vibe :)

  7. What is more challenging - TV shows or movie?   ~   Jamie
    Both for different reasons. When I'm on a film set every day I find it's easier to fall into the character than when I'm guest or recurring on a show. When I'm a lead on a series the character becomes second nature because I'm doing it day in and day out however it becomes more of a challenge to keep things interesting.

  8. Is there any movie or show you auditioned for but didn't get that disappointed you?   ~   Michael
    All of them?? No, not really all but it would have been cool to get The Notebook or the new Jack Reacher movie!

  9. If you were offered a role on The Walking Dead, would you take it?   ~   Jamie
    Hell yes! Why, are you hiring?

  10. Did you get the role Tessa in one go or did you have to try multiple times?   ~   Jamie
    I went in originally and auditioned for it, then each time they wanted Tessa back they called to check my availability.