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John A. NicholsonDetective Anthony Golden - The lookout (Movie)

18th March 2017

  1.    I read that you enjoy cooking. What do you like to cook on a regular basis? ~ Patricia Arde

    I love cooking pretty much any/everything. But my favorites are seafood and steak. I like Brazilian food also.

Lindsey MckeonTaylor James - One Tree Hill (TV Show)

18th March 2017

  1.    Do you do your own stunts sometimes or rely on stunt person? ~ Jamie

    I haven't had to do too many stunts but when it's called for I do the safer stunts and let the pros do the rest.

Lindsey MckeonTaylor James - One Tree Hill (TV Show)

8th March 2017

  1.    I love your blog Evolve by Lindsey. Do you believe it'll keep evolving naturally? ^_^ ~ Philip Gipson

    Hahaha yes Phillip, I do! As everything always does.

Geno SegersChayton Littlestone - Banshee (TV Show)

7th March 2017

  1.    How hard was it to become an actor? And when is your birthday? ~ Erica Lopez

    It was really hard, it still is hard it will never be easy. Some people will start fast and end fast, others will start slow and end fast. Lots of different variables in this business.

    I have never told anyone when my Bday as I'm in a business that looks for any reason to say no.

Lindsey MckeonTaylor James - One Tree Hill (TV Show)

2nd March 2017

  1.    How do you define yourself? ~ Philip Gipson

    I don't. My actions define me. However I'm always the one in the act making the choices, not observing them, so I can't really define myself from an outside perspective.

Lindsey MckeonTaylor James - One Tree Hill (TV Show)

2nd March 2017

  1.    Do you have a method to remembering your lines on a tv show and movie? ~ Jamie

    Repetition and knowing what the lines mean to me, personally, does the trick. Also the more you use the tool the easier it becomes. When I was working on Guiding Light memorizing lines became a breeze because the muscle memory was already in place.

Luis CalderonCarlos - Chicago PD (TV Show)

2nd March 2017

  1.    How was it being on television? Will we see more of you? ~ Cathy

    Seeing myself on television for the first time was absolutely amazing! An experience I will do again. Yes you will see me more, I am now casting for a couple of short films.

Allison AugustinKeisha - The Bestman Holiday (Movie)

1st March 2017

  1.    What's your pet peeve? ~ Caron

    People who chew gum with their mouths open!

Medhaa Banaji Author/Actress/Youtuber

22nd February 2017

  1.    What is your favorite thing about being a youtuber? ~ Ayushi Gupta

    My favorite thing about being a youtuber would definitely be making fun videos and connecting with the audience! I also love doing giveaways and reading all your sweet comments!:)

Brandon Tyler RussellBen - Smitty (Movie)

21st February 2017

  1.    Did it hurt to get your ears pierced? ~ Jared

    I thought it would, so at first I only got one ear pierced. Then, once I realized it didn't hurt and I didn't like just wearing one earring - I got the other side done. Now that I have had both ears pierced for years, I don't even wear them that often anymore.