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Brodie CornishSophie - Sophie's Turn (Short)

17th March 2018

  1.    Hi Brodie, who and what have been your biggest influences and motivations to become an actress? ~ Gregory John

    Hi! I grew up a competitive dancer, and my dance school offered acting classes so I got involved. Now that I'm older, I really enjoy the aspect of exploring new characters and seeing the world through a different perspective. At the moment I'm loving Sydney Sweeney (Check her out in Everything Sucks - she's absolutely incredible!), but my all time fave actress is Greta Gerwig!

Allison JamesIsabel McGrath-Dufresne - Ghost Wars (TV Show)

13th March 2018

  1.    How many months did it take to film the short film A Family Of Ghosts? ~ Tiffany

    Actually it was part of the prestigious Crazy 8 Festival in Vancouver. The festival brings together the very best in the industry and the films are required to be put together in a short time period. That said we filmed over just a few days and it was CRAZY! Hence the name. It went on to receive recognition in the Cannes Film Festival.

Allison JamesIsabel McGrath-Dufresne - Ghost Wars (TV Show)

13th March 2018

  1.    When did you first start acting ? ~ Tiffany

    I started in musical theater at the age of four and loved it. I decided to take some acting classes and found I loved it to. I then did a few commercials and short films before landing Ghost Wars.

Amory WattersonLittle Wendy - Gravity Falls (TV Show)

2nd March 2018

  1.    Congratulations on voicing Little Wendy on Disney's Gravity Falls. Do you have any favorite hobbies that you do in your free time? ~ Tiffany

    Thank you! I like to draw a lot, and I love dancing. I'm not gonna lie, I love watching TV; especially Netflix.

Amory WattersonLittle Wendy - Gravity Falls (TV Show)

2nd March 2018

  1.    What is your favorite color? ~ Tiffany

    Teal. It's not green, it's not blue, it's right there in the middle. If not teal, then black. They always switch between my number 1 and 2 spots.

Jenn GotzonBecca Smith - My Daddy is in Heaven (Movie)

1st March 2018

  1.    In 'My Daddy is in Heaven' you told a story so full of both heartbreak and hope. What impact did this have on your own life? And what scene was your favorite to shoot? ~ Nicole

    Hi Nicole,
    The loss of love is traumatic and without God, My character experiences anger and pain, and falls into a deep hole of hopelessness. This impacted my personal life in all the moments that I choose to run away instead of run to God. Rebecca Crownover's story is real life journey from tragedy to triumph. May God bless you Nicole in your life with love and hope.

Hudson WestJake Webber - General Hospital (TV Show)

28th February 2018

  1.    Hi Hudson! Congrats on your Emmy pre-nom! Curious to know what scenes you submitted? Love all of your work! Wishing you continued success in all that you do! ~ Mel

    Hi Mel,
    Thanks for the question.
    The scenes I submitted for the Emmy's were the scene on the park bench when I found out my dad was really my uncle, the scene when My dad was choking me, the other park bench scene when I was talking to my dad about how I did nothing to help him when he was getting beat up on Cassadine Island and then the last scene was when I was talking in depth with Dr Maddox.
    You can only choose a few and I hope I picked good scenes as well as them being a little different than the others to show diversity in my acting..
    I guess we'll just have to wait & see..
    Thanks for your kind words and for watching GH!!

Hi Hudson, thanks for answering my question! I remember quite vividly all the scenes you submitted! Great stuff! You have done such a tremendous job all year, I'm sure it was difficult to narrow down. Hope to see Jake back on GH soon!

Posted by: Mel  On: 2nd March 2018
Hi Mel!!
Thank you for your kind words!!!
I just hope I picked the right scenes!!
I guess we'll find out in about 3 weeks!!
Please say your prayers for me & cross those fingers as well and let's hope for the best.
Making the next round & getting to go to the Emmy's would be such an HONOR!!

Posted by: Hudson West  On: 2nd March 2018
Hi Hudson! The reel you submitted definitely shows your range! You are able to portray a lot of depth and emotion in your work which is pretty remarkable for such a young actor. I will definitely be rooting for you to get the full nom! No matter what the outcome is in 3 weeks, you certainly have such a bright future ahead of you!

Posted by: Mel  On: 4th March 2018

Hudson WestJake Webber - General Hospital (TV Show)

24th February 2018

  1.    Hudson, If you could have 3 wishes. That could change the world for the better. What would they be? ~ Darren Green

    Let's see...

    First of course would be world peace. I don't know how that could happen but it certainly would be the best thing. Especially now when everything is so scary.
    Secondly to help the hungry & homeless... That everyone would have nutritious food on the table & a roof over their head.
    And third that we could stop all of the hate that is being spread around. There is too much hate. Nobody can have a difference of opinion without being called names and/or the threat of being hurt or property destroyed. The world has become such a scary place theses days..

    Thanks for the question!!

Samuel CaruanaSheldon - Girl Meets World (TV Show)

24th February 2018

  1.    Hey Samuel! If you could have any type of pet (regardless of whether it's dangerous or not, how big it is and stuff like that) What animal would you choose? ~ Terry

    A raven. Thanks for the question Terry!

Samuel CaruanaSheldon - Girl Meets World (TV Show)

19th February 2018

  1.    If you could see any singer/band/group in concert, who would it be? ~ Carmen

    Great question, Carmen. Miles Davis or John Coltrane both are no longer living but both are Jazz music icons and I am a real Jazz head. (A little trivia about me)