1. Finding the Future is coming to Amazon Prime
    6th November 2016

    Hi! My name is Kassidy Slaughter, I am an actress, director, and YouTuber. I recently been working on a very exciting project called Finding the Future, which is an episodic TV series streaming on Amazon Prime soon. I play a girl named Bella Anderson, who is one of the lead characters of the show. The two other leads are Audrey Hope and Afton Drawbond. Audrey plays Candice Carter, and Afton plays Beverly Baxter. The show is about the three girls who live normal lives until one day a little boy shows up, supposedly from the future. The boy tells them that their town and loved ones are in danger, but before he can tell them how to fix it, he disappears and goes back into the future. The girls then have to figure out how to get back to the future in order to save their town, friends, and loved ones. The show is very fun and has a very interesting storyline. I think that lots of teens are going to love the show. For more information, the show is on IMDB. Be sure to look out for it streaming soon on Amazon Video!