Kacey Fifield is an actress and also a singer/songwriter with a few singles out on iTunes. She has her own YouTube channel called 'Kacey Fifield Variety'. She loves to make people laugh and make people feel through her acting and singing. She is an aspiring animal rights activist and loves chocolate.
Character nameSeries nameYear aired
Young Jamie Snapped: She Made Me Do It 2016
Karissa Game Shakers 2015
Maryann Diane, Jerry and Friends 2015
Dancer #3 Nerdtabulous 2015
Taylor Last Moments of Relationships 2014
Machiavella Clique Wars 2014
Kacey Kids React 2013-2016

Character nameFilm nameYear aired
Kid #2 The Internship Games 2015

Character nameFilm nameYear aired
Julia The Lost 2016
Elise The Original Kids of Comedy 2016
Jessica Kia 2015
Little Girl Incarnation 2015
Mary The Lemonade Wars 2015
Rey Mermaid 2015
Little Girl The Hoarder 2014
Lindsey Life Is a Gift 2014
Grace Trigger Thomas 2014
Emma Soundwaves 2014
Sarah Milk Money 2014
Mary Maxwell 2013
Sienna Brownlow The Angel of Death 2013
Natasha Westlake Elementary 2013
Kamilla In the Arms of an Angel 2013
Kasi The Cynicism of Harvey Kay 2013

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