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Karissa - Game Shakers (TV Show)

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  1. At What Age Did You Know That You Wanted To Be Both A Singer And Actress?   ~   Tiffany
    Since I was 5 years old I was putting on shows for my family at every gathering. I loved to act and sing since I can remember. But it wasn't after a few years later that I started acting classes and vocal lessons :)

  2. Whats your favorite Ice-cream?   ~   Tal
    My favorite ice cream would be chocolate frozen yogurt with sprinkles :)

  3. What was it like working with both Kel Mitchell and Madisyn Shipman on Game Shakers?   ~   Tiffany
    It was great! Everyone was very welcoming and friendly, but most of all funny. Madisyn is super sweet and Kel is hilarious. I have really enjoyed getting to know everyone and had a blast during taping and during breaks. Awesome cast!