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  1. When you act as Odd Todd, do you feel like you're playing yourself, or are you not NEARLY as weird? ;P Thanks!   ~   Lydia Adams
    I honestly feel comfortable with Todd, because he gives me a lot to play around with and he's just overall a fun guy! I do sense a lot of similarities, and I think it's because of that that I've been able to settle in with him so easily!

  2. Hi Josh, I'm Peyton, a huge Odd Squad fan, I have a question, I'm not really a fan of Odd Todd, but when you first appeared on Odd Squad, did you get the spaceflight feeling, and feel like Odd Squad was a real thing? Thank you very much for answering!   ~   Peyton
    I did get that feeling! It felt really weird seeing myself like that on the screen, especially since so much time had passed since I filmed it! It's great to see what has risen from this and the support has been overwhelming!

  3. What is it like working on ODD Squad?   ~   Ashley

  4. Who is your favorite agent in odd squad?   ~   Payube Philimon
    It would be a three way tie between Oscar, Otto and Oksana. They all have fantastic comedic timing and the characters themselves have a lot of depth!

  5. I really like your character in Odd Squad, especially in the last episode of Season 1. Will Todd be back in future episodes even though Todd is probably no longer a villain!   ~   Mason "Cypress" Oury
    Seeing as Olive is no longer at Odd Squad, there isn't much of a reason for Todd to hang around anymore. As you now know, Todd is a gardener and he's sticking to his plants!

  6. Do you watch episodes of Odd Squad on TV?   ~   Tiffany
    Well, I'm not in every episode so I don't know what the other episodes are like. I watch them for the writing, the acting, and the awesome effects!

  7. Who plays Agent Orchid?   ~   Spencer Miller
    They are played by Michela Luci, you can find her on Instagram!

  8. Do you have any pets?   ~   Chase Triton
    No, I do not!

  9. How Odd Is Agent Todd?   ~   Jonathan M. Ferguson
    SUPER odd!

  10. What do you like to do when you're off the set of Odd Squad? and on what episode did Millie scared you the most? Hope u can answer these question have an ODD-SOME day!   ~   Abby hinds
    Whenever I'm not on Odd Squad, I just play video games, surf the internet and do homework and stuff! (And Millie always scares me. If you ask me, she's perfect for the role.)