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  1. What's the best thing about being an actor and what's the hardest?   ~   Lora
    The escapism is what I love the most. The hardest for me is the downtime between projects. I like to always be working.

  2. Have you always wanted to be an actor??   ~   Sanji
    Yes. Always.

  3. Hello, John, what makes you laugh? :)   ~   Lena
    I laugh very easily. I love simple silly humor.

  4. Hi John, what attracted you to play Max and who was the funniest of your cast-mates? :-)   ~   Maggie
    Max was just a great character. Very fun, very tongue in cheek, with great one-liner dialog. Al Snow is hilarious. Very quick witted.

  5. Salute, John, you are soo handsome, are you a model as well??   ~   Amelie
    Thank you very much. Not really. I've done some, very little, modeling, but it's a very different skill set than acting.

  6. John, what was the best thing about working on the set of 'Overtime'? :)   ~   Josephine
    The fun. We, the cast and crew, had so much fun working together every single day.