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  1. If you could go to anytime, anywhere, and any place, where would you go, how far back or ahead in time, what place, and who would you like to meet? :)   ~   Josephine
    I think we live in the best time of all history. We are lucky to live in this country at this moment. However, a couple of weeks in Paris would be nice.

  2. If you could work with any one who would it be and why?   ~   Britnie
    Another question I can't answer because there are to many choices. There are so many wonderful actors, directors, and writers I would not know where to start.

  3. What Character would you like to see Abe paired with ?   ~   Ashley Wilson
    Abe and Kayla have been doing some subtle flirting so that would be nice to take to the next step.

  4. Did you always want to be an actor?   ~   ghfan33
    No, I wanted to write. I was a journalist for a few years.

  5. Hi! what do you find is the biggest challenge when it comes to your job?   ~   Brent Castro
    We work very quickly these days so you want to bring as much flavor as you can with the advantage of rehearsal to make discoveries. I always want to give my character and the story as much quality as possible.

  6. What is your fav movie?   ~   BlueMoon
    Again, no favorite but many that I love. My list is probably around 50.

  7. What is your fav TV show?   ~   SilverCat
    I think of this as the golden age of TV drama. There are so many good shows on now. Of course Days of Our Lives. We watch Justified, Game of Thrones, Rectify, Mad Men, SVU and a couple of others.

  8. James, do you have any guilty pleasures? If yes, what are they? :)   ~   Josephine
    You mean the ones I can talk about? Ice Cream. Yes, Ice Cream.

  9. Did you watch the gymnastic show Make It or Break It on ABC Family?   ~   lauren
    I did not. Sorry.

  10. What type of music do you like listening to?   ~   MachineGuy88
    I hate to sound cliche but I like it all. Blues gets into me. Pop makes me bounce. Classical is great to relax by.