Jackie Dallas is best known for her role as Jen, Mr. Clarke’s girlfriend in the Netflix hit series Stranger Things! Some of her upcoming works include a drama series Desires of the Heart, a feature film Diverted Eden and the thriller The Pining starring Tom Sizemore. Other notable projects include playing the pregnant Maggie in the spoof, Not Another Zombie Movie, the dystopian leather clad villain in Papa Roach’s music video F.E.A.R., and working with Michael Fassbender in the critically acclaimed Steve Jobs.
Character nameSeries nameYear aired
Nurse Jill The Resident 2018
Tess Represent 2018
Vera Aarzu e Mann 2017
Liz Meyer Criminal Minds 2017
Jen Stranger Things 2016
Nurse I (Almost) Got Away With It 2016
Emily Good Enough 2015
Jiya Kim Minutes After Midnight 2015

Character nameFilm nameYear aired
Samantha Conroy Look Into the Fire 2018
Mona Mr. Invincible 2018
Waitress Cardinal X 2017
Amaya Wakahisha Crashing Darkness 2017
Caleb's Cellmate The Divergent Series: Allegiant 2016
Maggie Fair Chase 2016
Mona Mr. Invincible 2016
Maggie Hunting Season 2016
Stage Manager Steve Jobs 2015
Maggie Not Another Zombie Movie....About the Living Dead 2015

Character nameFilm nameYear aired
Brooklynn The Fringe of Existence 2017
Becky Hush Little Baby 2017
Angel Indelible 2017
Abby Happy Halloween 2017
Daisy Showdown at the Dirt Cheap Liquor & Grocery 2016
Crimson Sheen What If We Got Off on the Wrong Foot? 2016
Pamela Hwang Catching Broken Glass 2015

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