1. Happy Birthday
    3rd March 2018

    Happy Birthday Hudson West

    Hi Hudson! Happy belated birthday! Did you do anything special to celebrate?

    Posted by: Mel  On: 4th March 2018
    Hi Mel,
    I'm a pretty laid back kind of kid. I didn't want a birthday party or even any presents!! Weird huh?? 😂
    I just hung out with one of my friends and we made slime all day and then went out to dinner!! Oh, and then we had my favorite cake.. That was it, sound kinda boring doesn't it?? But that is what I wanted to do!! 😀😀
    Thank you for the question!!

    Posted by: Hudson West  On: 4th March 2018

  2. Halloween 2017
    31st October 2017

  3. Hudson West wants you to ask him a question
    10th May 2017

    Ask it here: http://starsQA.com/hudson-west