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  1. Have you ever been to Australia?   ~   Ian
    Hi Ian,

    No I haven't been to Australia yet. However, that is one of the places that I've always wanted to go and hopefully will someday soon.. I've heard how beautiful it is there!!
    Have you been there?? Or are you from there??
    Thanks for the question!!
    I was born in Australia & lived in the Outback untill moving to the US and yes, there are loads of beautiful places to visit. Thanks for taking the time to answer my questionsđŸ˜€

    Posted by: Ian  On: 18th December 2017

  2. What was it like working on Grey's Anatomy?   ~   Ian
    Hi there!

    Working on Grey's Anatomy was one of the best experiences of my life! I got to work with all of the awesome talent that they have on the show and my storyline was extensive & challenging..
    I love having big, complex roles!! It makes me dig deep down and really get into character.. I love it and loved working on Grey's.. I didn't want it to end!!
    Thank you for the question!!

  3. Do you have a favorite Super Hero?   ~   Darren Green
    Hi Darren,
    My favorite super hero would probably be THOR. I just saw the new Thor Ragnarok movie!!
    But I also love Hulk..
    Thanks for the question.

    Do you have a favorite super hero?

  4. What do you like to do when you're not acting?   ~   Darren Green
    Hi Darren,
    When I'm not acting I like to read, draw, play baseball, swim and go to the movies!!

    What are your past times??

  5. What's your favorite song?   ~   Jesse Dubose
    Hi Jesse,
    It's really hard to say what my favorite song is because I like a lot of songs!!
    I guess I really don't have one favorite song. I like a lot!!
    Sorry I can't be more specific..

    Thanks for your question!!

  6. What do you like most about acting? What emotion is your favorite to portray?   ~   Darren Green
    Hello Darren,
    What I like most about acting is getting to work with all different people. And I truly enjoy taking on a different character and becoming someone else but also make the character my own..

    My favorite emotion to play is happy & excited. However, I think one of my strongest emotions I do play is upset & crying.. Go figure right??

    Thank you for your question!!

  7. StarsQA has been online for 5 years, so we were wondering what has been your favorite career highlight from the past 5 years?   ~   StarsQA Team
    My favorite career highlight was my very first General Hospital Fan Club Weekend event!! I was new to General Hospital at the time and it was the most fun I had ever experienced!! I got to meet all of these amazing GH fans up close & personal. Signing autographs & taking pictures with everyone was a blast!!
    Hudson West
    Hudson West
    Hudson West and Scarlett Fernandez
    Hudson West
    Hudson West

  8. How do you rehearse your lines so well for your character on General Hospital?   ~   Quick question
    I read through my lines and learn my all of queues, which are the lines before mine and I just remember them. I go over them alone & then rehearse with my mom.