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  1. Hi Hudson! Congrats on your Emmy pre-nom! Curious to know what scenes you submitted? Love all of your work! Wishing you continued success in all that you do!   ~   Mel
    Hi Mel,
    Thanks for the question.
    The scenes I submitted for the Emmy's were the scene on the park bench when I found out my dad was really my uncle, the scene when My dad was choking me, the other park bench scene when I was talking to my dad about how I did nothing to help him when he was getting beat up on Cassadine Island and then the last scene was when I was talking in depth with Dr Maddox.
    You can only choose a few and I hope I picked good scenes as well as them being a little different than the others to show diversity in my acting..
    I guess we'll just have to wait & see..
    Thanks for your kind words and for watching GH!!
    Hi Hudson, thanks for answering my question! I remember quite vividly all the scenes you submitted! Great stuff! You have done such a tremendous job all year, I'm sure it was difficult to narrow down. Hope to see Jake back on GH soon!

    Posted by: Mel  On: 2nd March 2018
    Hi Mel!!
    Thank you for your kind words!!!
    I just hope I picked the right scenes!!
    I guess we'll find out in about 3 weeks!!
    Please say your prayers for me & cross those fingers as well and let's hope for the best.
    Making the next round & getting to go to the Emmy's would be such an HONOR!!

    Posted by: Hudson West  On: 2nd March 2018
    Hi Hudson! The reel you submitted definitely shows your range! You are able to portray a lot of depth and emotion in your work which is pretty remarkable for such a young actor. I will definitely be rooting for you to get the full nom! No matter what the outcome is in 3 weeks, you certainly have such a bright future ahead of you!

    Posted by: Mel  On: 4th March 2018

  2. Hudson, If you could have 3 wishes. That could change the world for the better. What would they be?   ~   Darren Green
    Let's see...

    First of course would be world peace. I don't know how that could happen but it certainly would be the best thing. Especially now when everything is so scary.
    Secondly to help the hungry & homeless... That everyone would have nutritious food on the table & a roof over their head.
    And third that we could stop all of the hate that is being spread around. There is too much hate. Nobody can have a difference of opinion without being called names and/or the threat of being hurt or property destroyed. The world has become such a scary place theses days..

    Thanks for the question!!

  3. Hey Hudson. I know you love cats. Are there any other animals that you really like?   ~   Darren Green
    Hi Darren,

    Thanks for the question. I do love cats and I have 3!!
    I also like pet bunnies and I'd love a husky.. But we are so busy that dogs are just to much of a responsibility.. They require too much attention that we just can't supply right now.
    Cats are easy!! 😻 😻
    I do love almost any animal though!!

  4. Hey Hudson. Do you have a favorite movie or TV show, that you would love to star in?   ~   Darren Green
    Hmmm. Not really a favorite show or movie.. I'd be happy to be in any show or movie!! Sorry my answer isn't that great but it's the truth..

  5. Hey Hudson. Would you ever want to star in a scary movie like "IT" Looks like a lot of fun behind the scenes. You're a great actor by the way! :-)   ~   Darren Green
    Hi Darren,

    I sure would like to be in / star in a scary movie!!! I think it would be very cool!!
    I have seen "IT" a couple times!!
    Thank you!!
    Thanks for the question!!

  6. Have you ever been to Australia?   ~   Ian
    Hi Ian,

    No I haven't been to Australia yet. However, that is one of the places that I've always wanted to go and hopefully will someday soon.. I've heard how beautiful it is there!!
    Have you been there?? Or are you from there??
    Thanks for the question!!
    I was born in Australia & lived in the Outback untill moving to the US and yes, there are loads of beautiful places to visit. Thanks for taking the time to answer my questionsđŸ˜€

    Posted by: Ian  On: 18th December 2017

  7. What was it like working on Grey's Anatomy?   ~   Ian
    Hi there!

    Working on Grey's Anatomy was one of the best experiences of my life! I got to work with all of the awesome talent that they have on the show and my storyline was extensive & challenging..
    I love having big, complex roles!! It makes me dig deep down and really get into character.. I love it and loved working on Grey's.. I didn't want it to end!!
    Thank you for the question!!

  8. Do you have a favorite Super Hero?   ~   Darren Green
    Hi Darren,
    My favorite super hero would probably be THOR. I just saw the new Thor Ragnarok movie!!
    But I also love Hulk..
    Thanks for the question.

    Do you have a favorite super hero?

  9. What do you like to do when you're not acting?   ~   Darren Green
    Hi Darren,
    When I'm not acting I like to read, draw, play baseball, swim and go to the movies!!

    What are your past times??

  10. What's your favorite song?   ~   Jesse Dubose
    Hi Jesse,
    It's really hard to say what my favorite song is because I like a lot of songs!!
    I guess I really don't have one favorite song. I like a lot!!
    Sorry I can't be more specific..

    Thanks for your question!!