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  1. Do you have a favorite Super Hero?   ~   Darren Green
    Hi Darren,
    My favorite super hero would probably be THOR. I just saw the new Thor Ragnarok movie!!
    But I also love Hulk..
    Thanks for the question.

    Do you have a favorite super hero?

  2. What do you like to do when you're not acting?   ~   Darren Green
    Hi Darren,
    When I'm not acting I like to read, draw, play baseball, swim and go to the movies!!

    What are your past times??

  3. What's your favorite song?   ~   Jesse Dubose
    Hi Jesse,
    It's really hard to say what my favorite song is because I like a lot of songs!!
    I guess I really don't have one favorite song. I like a lot!!
    Sorry I can't be more specific..

    Thanks for your question!!

  4. What do you like most about acting? What emotion is your favorite to portray?   ~   Darren Green
    Hello Darren,
    What I like most about acting is getting to work with all different people. And I truly enjoy taking on a different character and becoming someone else but also make the character my own..

    My favorite emotion to play is happy & excited. However, I think one of my strongest emotions I do play is upset & crying.. Go figure right??

    Thank you for your question!!

  5. StarsQA has been online for 5 years, so we were wondering what has been your favorite career highlight from the past 5 years?   ~   StarsQA Team
    My favorite career highlight was my very first General Hospital Fan Club Weekend event!! I was new to General Hospital at the time and it was the most fun I had ever experienced!! I got to meet all of these amazing GH fans up close & personal. Signing autographs & taking pictures with everyone was a blast!!
    Hudson West
    Hudson West
    Hudson West and Scarlett Fernandez
    Hudson West
    Hudson West

  6. How do you rehearse your lines so well for your character on General Hospital?   ~   Quick question
    I read through my lines and learn my all of queues, which are the lines before mine and I just remember them. I go over them alone & then rehearse with my mom.