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  1. Vampires or Werewolves? Which would you be and which would you date? I would be a vampire and date the wolf!   ~   Devi
    I would just be me and I can't say which one I would date because that would be dating them just because they were one or the other. I would get to know them first.... and hope whomever I liked - liked me back

  2. Are you in High School?   ~   Devi
    For some subjects yes... but technically Middle School

  3. What color are your eyes?   ~   Devi

  4. How do you feel when you get a role?   ~   Devi
    It depends what movie it is :-)

  5. Do you like Ben 10? That's my fav show and looks like both our fav shows is on CN! :-)   ~   Devi
    I used to watch Ben 10 when I was little. Still like CN though

  6. What's your fav TV show and color?   ~   Devi
    The Regular Show and Blue

  7. What made you decide to join the #Free2LUV family?   ~   Devi
    Because everybody should #rockluvnothate

  8. Would you rather be a superhero or an alien?   ~   Devi
    An alien because I could explore the Galaxy