Grayson Thorne Kilpatrick moved to the LA area with his family in January. Since his arrival in LA, he has auditioned for a variety of movies and TV shows. During the year, he has filmed 2 TV shows (Documentary Now! and This Isn't Working) and 2 movies (Vikes and The Browsing Effect).
Pete Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later 2017
Sammy Outcast 2016
Young Boy Documentary Now! 2016
Charlie This Isn't Working 2016
Grayson The Grayson & Kate Show 2015

Swentek Vikes 2017
Young Dustin The Browsing Effect 2017
Kevin Bad Girl 2016
Boy at half pipe Daddy's Home 2015
Trent Franz The Substitute Spy 2015
Batman Boy American Hero 2015

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