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  1. How do you prepare for auditions?   ~   StarsQA Team
    When my agent and or manager sends me an email for a request for audition they will send me what production is looking for in the character I will be auditioning for. They will also send me what we call sides they are a scene productions is wanting us to read and see how we bring the character to life. I read my sides every times out loud then break it down thru technic that I learned taking classes with Ivana Chubbuck. Breaking the script Down so you can remember it and bring the character to life. Then I research the TV show or director or producer I look at everything I can before it's time before I go in to audition.

  2. If you were not an actor, what would you choose as your career path?   ~   Amina
    Engineer anything with math and science. Both my parents are engineers .

  3. Hey Grayson, did you ever play in the movie ' Diary Of a Wimpy Kid' ? You look like that kid?   ~   Tennille Day Chief
    No, I wish! But it was Grayson Russell that got me interested in acting. I met him one day when he was filming a movie in Hunstville AL. So I volunteered to be extra in his movie and fell in love with being on set.

  4. Grayson are you on the new TV series Outcast? I have seen a picture of you on the red carpet   ~   Bridget
    Hi Bridget!! Yes, I am. I will be in Ep 9 as Sammy. I hope to be in more ep. Thank you so much

  5. What is your favorite part about acting ?   ~   kierra
    I love being on set!!! Meeting new people and being a different character . It is so cool

  6. What is your favorite country song?   ~   Jan
    Hi Jan!! Well I would have to say anything Tyler Farr songs :) check out YouTube of the Grayson&Kate show

  7. What was your favorite movie to work on and why?   ~   Maurice Taylor
    I loved all of them I think one favorite was Bad Blood. It was a different type of character and monster chased me. That was fun

  8. What got you into Acting?   ~   Lee Lowery
    I met Actor Grayson Russell from Diary of Wimpy Kid and he was Filming a movie in Huntsville AL I decided to go and be background actor and fell in love with being on set

  9. Out of all of the projects you've been in, which one did you enjoy most?   ~   Julie Brown
    I loved all of them!! But I guess Daddy's home. You didn't see it in the movie because it was cut but there was a scene between me and Mark Walhberg he calls me peanut butter. I wish it had made it in the final cut. But I am glad to have been in the movie and got end credits

  10. How old were you when you knew you wanted to be an actor?   ~   Julie Brown
    I was 8 when I did my first background acting gig. I was 9 when I filmed my first feature film :)