Geno Segers is an actor and voice-artist possessing an active background in many fields of entertainment and athletics. He was born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and with his athletic prowess, participated in football, wrestling and track during his high school and college years. While attending school at Western Carolina University (WCU), the 6'4" Geno played football which later led to him playing for the American National Rugby League. During this time playing in rugby, Geno later moved to New Zealand where he played for Richmond Rovers Rugby League team. Geno Segers' first taste of the entertainment field began with a suggestion by a friend to try voice-work. Possessing a naturally-rich bass quality, Geno first auditioned for voice-ads for a radio station in New Zealand. His voice gained him attention enough to attract an agent's ear. This led to Segers being cast in the role of Mufasa in an Australian stage production of "The Lion King". With an intimidating voice and appearance, Geno is best known and identified with the comedic series Pair of Kings (2010) aired on the Disney Channel. On the series, Geno plays the role of Mason Makoola, the fearsome father of Mikayla Makoola [played by Kelsey Asbille]. His character, although tough and menacing at times, is perhaps one of the more comedic characters on the show and is described as a tritagonist to the two protagonist characters King Brady [Mitchel Musso] and King Boomer [Larramie Doc Shaw]. Aside from his role on "Pair of Kings", Geno serves as a co-host for the Disney XD's UK-aired game show Fort Boyard: Ultimate Challenge. He is currently working on projects across the spectrum of the entertainment industry. Movie, TV, Commercial and Voice Over.
Character nameSeries nameYear aired
General Tatuaje From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series 2016
Rev. Saul Johnson The Secret Closet 2016
Calvin Blackwolf Longmire 2015
Chayton Littlestone Banshee 2014-2015
Kincaid Teen Wolf 2014
Ernest Howe Castle 2014
Stan Zeke and Luther 2011
Mason Makoola Pair of Kings 2010-2013
Aimes' Bodyguard White Collar 2009

Character nameFilm nameYear aired
Roman Brawl in Cell Block 99 2017
Mr. Rizzo The Breakout: A Rock Opera 2016
Boar Tusks Bone Tomahawk 2015
Chayton Littlestone Banshee Origins 2014
Big Dawg Conversations with Breakfast 2013

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