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  1. What was the best part about playing Chayton Littlestone in Banshee?   ~   Ericalopez
    That he was a complete 180 degree change from the role I played on Pair Of Kings. Gave me a type to work with in the wider industry of entertainment.

  2. How do you prepare for auditions?   ~   StarsQA Team
    I read the script about 10 times so that I know the story completely. I'll visualize the story unfolding as I read all the lines. Then I'll focus on my lines for 2 or 3 hours. Once I have it all inside my head, I'll build a backstory for the character. It helps having a good backstory so that there are layers to the performance.

  3. How hard was it to become an actor? And when is your birthday?   ~   Erica Lopez
    It was really hard, it still is hard it will never be easy. Some people will start fast and end fast, others will start slow and end fast. Lots of different variables in this business.

    I have never told anyone when my Bday as I'm in a business that looks for any reason to say no.

  4. Hi Geno, any word on when we'll see "The Breakout" or "The Closet"?   ~   Ava
    They are both still in a developmental stage as pilots. We are working hard on them both but only time will tell.

    Until then you can catch me on "From Dusk Till Dawn" and in 2017 "Brawl In Cell Block 99"

  5. Anything new about the Pair of Kings movie?   ~   Scott
    No, and if I had to guess right now, there will never be one. Too many issue in the way.

  6. Would you say that playing roles that are relate able to yourself are easier to perform than those of which that don't? Or does each roll come with a it's own obstacles regardless? Thank you :)   ~   amy h.
    All roles have their own obstacles. As an actor one must workout what parts of themselves will help the role while at the same time leaving out the parts that will hurt it. So, the more you have that will help can make the role easier. It's still hard all the same.

  7. What's your fav scene from #banshee?   ~   Derek
    The 1st one I did. Chayton meeting hood on the Rez

  8. Have you got any current/upcoming projects that you would like to tell us about?   ~   StarsQA Team
    I'm working on a new pilot called "The Breakout" it's a TV Musical and I'm really excited to be part of a musical again and hope it gets picked up.

  9. What's your ultimate dream vacation spot?   ~   StarsQA Team
    Home alone with my piano and all the chips and dip I can eat.

  10. If you could be any superhero's sidekick for a day, who would it be?   ~   StarsQA Team
    I could never be a sidekick, it takes a different type of guy unlike myself to do that gig even for a day.