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  1. Hi Ethan! Do you think you will make a career out of acting?   ~   Cheryl
    I would like to make a career out of acting. I love being on set- it feels like home. I hope to also one day try out the director's chair. Thank you for your question!

  2. Was it fun working with Woody Harrelson?   ~   Liz
    Woody Harrelson was so much fun! It was like seeing a favorite uncle that you had not seen in several years and you just didn't want to leave his side. He had a very creative and focused side to him while the cameras were rolling but all other times he was all laughs! He's a great guy! Thanks for your question!

  3. What is the best part about being in a movie?   ~   Mel
    The best part was the food!! I am just kidding (kind of kidding). I have two favorite parts- the first is the rush you get when the cameras are rolling. The creative decisions you make on how to portray your character affects every actor in the scene so you really have to know which way you are going to go with it so they can react to you and do their best too. My second favorite part of being in a movie is the sense of family you get with the cast and crew. You get so close with everyone due to the long hours day after day and then when it's all over you kind of miss everyone and hope to see them again one day! Thanks for your question!

  4. What kind of movie do you prefer to act in?   ~   Billyshaker
    I would absolutely LOVE to work on a horror movie production. I am really interested in all things paranormal and sci-fi. I haven't worked on this type of movie yet, but I have been practicing in hopes that the right role comes along. Thank you for your question!