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  1. StarsQA has been online for 5 years, so we were wondering what has been your favorite career highlight from the past 5 years?   ~   StarsQA Team
    I think the highlight of my career will always be my very first time on set - when I was cast as a background extra on an episode of The Walking Dead. I was 8 years old and it was my first job and my first time on a real film set and I was so excited to be finally living my dream. It was a grueling introduction to this career - I had a 7 p.m. set call and worked overnight until about 4 a.m. and it was just one scene (that I ended up being framed out of the shot). I know I have long ago moved beyond extras work, and I have since then had bigger roles in bigger films. I love my work and I am excited always to be on set, but the thrill of that first time in front of a camera is a special feeling of awe that I will always remember!

  2. How did you get the part as Candice in "The Substitute Spy"?   ~   antonia
    Hello Antonia, thank you for the question. Well, I was first auditioning for a music video, and the director, Greg Galloway, asked me if I would like to audition for a part in his upcoming movie, Bad Apple. I got the part of Brandy in Bad Apple and he really liked working with me, so when he was casting for The Substitute Spy, he asked me to read for the part of Candice. Hope you'll go see the movie.