1. Our Dylan Brody book Giveaway winners are...
    25th May 2016

    Our Dylan Brody book Giveaway winners are:

    1. Dylan Brody: Do you feel you have more in common with Bob Dylan or Roy Scheider's character (Brody) in Jaws, and why? - Ruben Padilla
    2. When did you know you that you want to do stand up? - Paul
    3. If you were not Dylan Brody, which living artist/poet/comedian/author would you want to be and why? - Reb

    Congratulations, they have won a signed hard copy of "Chicken Soup for the Soul: Very Good/Very Bad Cat" (featuring a story from Dylan Brody).

    His responses to the questions above and more can found here --> http://starsQA.com/dylan-brody-interviews

  2. 'The Lost Monologues' is coming to Denver
    20th May 2016

    This Saturday, May 21, 2016 I'll be bringing my solo show THE LOST MONOLOGUES to Backstage at Beryl's in Denver, Colorado for the one night only. The Show's at 9pm It's my first time in Denver since the late eighties and I have just recently remembered that the last time I was there, working as a comic, I had to spend the night after my first show going through my set carefully to figure out where the breaths had to come to allow me to perform in the thin atmosphere without losing my timing. My asthma has gotten significantly worse since then. If you're anywhere near Denver this Saturday, come see whether I get through a taxing, poignant and hilarious one-person show without blacking out from lack of oxygen! That'll be fun.