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  1. Who is your favourite superhero and why   ~   StarsQA Team
    Spiderman - He has the best girlfriend and I love how he can swing between buildings. Wicked cool!

  2. Do you have a particular song stuck in your head at the moment?   ~   StarsQA Team
    Nobody Love - Tori Kelly

  3. If you could only have one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?   ~   StarsQA Team
    Mac & Cheese. Enough Said.

  4. If you could be any age for a week, how old would you be and why?   ~   StarsQA Team
    Honestly, I love being 22. Pretty much wish I could stay in my 20s forever.

  5. Do you have a basic process you use when getting into the personality of a character?   ~   Yvonne Martin
    Generally I grab a blank piece of paper and just start jotting down random thoughts a character has. Questions like - What did this character eat for breakfast this morning? What is his favorite movie? What kind of relationship does this character have with his family? What hobbies does he have? - The questions eventually become more and more related to the actually script - but I have to have a complete picture in my head.

  6. If you could work with any one who would it be and why?   ~   Britnie
    That's a hard one! There are so many talented people out there. Some of my favorites who I would love to work with are Kristen Kreuk, Allison Mack, Lyndsey Fonseca, Justin Hartley, Jon Voight, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

  7. Did you always want to be an actor?   ~   ghfan33
    No! I was the shy kid who didn't talk to anyone, but I discovered my love for acting a young age. I always imitated what I saw on TV, rehearsing it to see if I could act the way the stars could. I never imagined I would actually have the chance one day!

  8. Hi! what do you find is the biggest challenge when it comes to your job?   ~   Brent Castro
    Right now the biggest challenge is juggling my faith and my job. I have to turn down a lot of work because I want to keep high standards. It's always hard to turn down a project.

  9. We all experience clashes with types of personalities. (Ex. Hard for me to keep quiet if one person is purposely demeaning another.) What is a trait you may see in someone that really causes you to have to restrain yourself if it isn't your place to correct them or intervene?   ~   Yvonne Martin
    People who think they are always right - I constantly want to call them out! I admire someone who can admit they are wrong.

  10. What is your fav movie?   ~   MachineGuy
    That changes day to day, most recently it would have to be "Oblivion" :)