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  1. How many languages do you speak?   ~   Ginka
    Sadly, only one fluently. I've been itching to brush up on my Spanish, which was pretty solid in high school, and one day I think I'd love to learn how to read music and learn to play an instrument proficiently. One at a time, though...

  2. If you were able to travel back in time, where will you go, when, who will you meet, and why?   ~   Dylan
    I'd probably travel to medieval times, rescue a fair maiden, hole up in a castle and defend my kingdom from black knights, wicked sorcerers and voracious dragons. Can you tell what I grew up reading?

  3. Will we be seeing you again in Once Upon a Time, season 3?   ~   Sanji
    I hope so! But that's up to the powers that be. It'd be a phone call I'd welcome, for sure.

  4. With so many beautiful women on the set of "Once Upon a Time", how do you manage to get to work?   ~   Dylan
    Well, for my Frankenstein storyline, I only got to work with dudes: Gregory Itzin and David Anders. Our set pieces were totally different and so I had very little interaction with any of the rest of the cast, sadly. So yes, all very beautiful, but no distraction for me, luckily!

  5. What's your best feature, what do you like most about your body, and what would you change if you could?   ~   Dee
    A tough one - I'd have to say my eyes, just because it's the first thing people notice and compliment me on. So, thanks mom and dad! At this age, I'm pretty comfortable with all my moving parts, and know how to expand or contract, bulk up or slim down, cut it or let it grow accordingly at this point. As Popeye said, Iyam who Iyam!" And that's OK with me.

  6. Hi, Chad, what makes you laugh?   ~   Josephine
    I laugh at myself and my own interior witty monologue, but I love smart humor as well as the absurd. Cartoon Network's "Adult Swim" block has that market cornered.

  7. From all the people you've worked with, who's your favorite co-star and why?   ~   Lena
    I've been blessed to work with a handful, so I'll touch on a few. Billy Zane was a gentleman and a scholar. David Anders was a blast, both on and off set. Jon Polito was too hilarious for words. Tom Sizemore is a helluva storyteller. Robert Patrick had me peeing my pants with his stories. David Caruso was incredibly generous and complimentary. You learn something new each and every time when you get to work with the stars like the ones above.

  8. Chad, what show would you love to be on and why?   ~   Karen
    Growing up a sci-fi/fantasy nerd, I'd love to be a show like "Defiance" or "Walking Dead" or "Game of Thrones." "Battlestar Galactica" was one of my all-time favorites and had it all - great writing, acting, production value, and a rabid fanbase. But as an actor, I welcome a role on any show because it's always a challenge and always great fun!