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  1. Cassie, do you have any guilty pleasures? If yes, what are they? :)   ~   Josephine

  2. Cassie, Do you still see Josie Loren every week or more since Make it or break it is cancelled?   ~   lauren
    I see Josie every week or so, yes :)

  3. Cassie, With whom of the Make It or Break It cast do you still hang out the most?   ~   lauren
    Josie Loren and Nicole Anderson, but I love them all!

  4. Did you and Josie Loren always have a good time on MIOBI set? What goofy/funny things did you do? What did you usually do between scenes?   ~   lauren
    Yes! We always laughed and goofed around in between scenes! Once we were all laughing and talking about really silly, girly things and forgot our mics were on! The sound guy turned around, pointed to his headphones, and just laughed. We were so embarrassed! We would get so delusional when working late or really long hours, so tons of funny things would go on! We were always laughing. We also shared stories in our trailers, or would ask each other advice on whatever was going on in our lives, school, boys, whatever. I love Jo and all my MIOBI ladies!

  5. Cassie, Which one of the MIOBI girls was the most like their character on Make It or Break It?   ~   lauren
    Hmm no one was really that similar, but I'd say Josie and Ayla (minus the eating disorder and obviously a few other things for both girls.) Josie is a very honest, determined girl in real life who doesn't allow boys to get in the way, that was Kaylie :)..And Ayla is very mature for her age, like Payson. Ayla is also incredible at ballet and dance in general, which is why it was written into the story for Pay.

  6. Is there any of your friends that inspires you? and why do he/she inspires you?   ~   lauren
    All my friends inspire me in different ways-talent, faith, and just the way they live their lives. I believe it's important to have friends you can learn and grow from. For the most part, you are what you surround yourself with.

  7. Make it or Break it is the best show ever! Season 3 is my favorite! One of the best parts was the Payson & Lauren friendship! The make-up fight was hilarious! How did you shoot that scene and how long did it take to film the make-up fight scene?   ~   Marb_24
    Thank you! Haha one of my favorite scenes! We only got one take to do it because we had to get really messy for it, and it was the last shot of the day! Everything you saw was exactly how it was done. There was actually a little choreography to it to make for comedic timing, but over all we just went at it, full blown throwing beauty products all over each other! So fun! We thanked our writer, Amy Turner for that one!

  8. Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years   ~   james
    Once again, The sky's the limit! Lol I can't wait to see.

  9. Why are you so perfect haha! No, but what is you future goals for your career?   ~   Sara Dias
    Lol you are adorable! As I said to someone else, "The sky's the limit!" I can't wait to see what my future holds. Music, movies, TV, Voice Over, I just love this industry, and want to be a part of it forever.

  10. Who is your role model? In your career and personal life.   ~   Sara Dias
    Meryl Streep, my family, Somaly Mam and Jesus. :)