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  1. Why did you decide to be an actor?   ~   SweetLover88
    Well I've kinda just fell into it cause I stared when I was 3. So the only thing I can say kept me going was I always enjoyed it.

  2. Are you and Devon alike?   ~   SilverCat
    Not really, Devon's true emotions are always way to up front in everyone's face.

  3. What type of music do you like listening to?   ~   R0ckerChick
    MJ, Kanye, Stones, Janet, Nicholas Jar.

  4. What is your favorite day of the week?   ~   Ali_Parker17

  5. What is your favorite movie?   ~   SilverCat
    Raiders of the lost ark.

  6. Do you have any embarrassing moments?   ~   Austin
    Not yet, knock on wood :)

  7. What is a day on set like for you? How fast do you shoot an episode?   ~   Chris
    We shoot one episode per day. We usually start at 8am & go till about 6:30pm Mon-Fri. Just depending on how much I'm in an episode determines how long my day will be. Shooting a soap is 10 times more difficult than any prime time show I've done for sure. Simply cause of the pace & amount of dialogue you have to learn in such a short amount of time & most scenes are done in one take in daytime.

  8. Do you keep in touch with Jaleel or anyone else from Family Matters?   ~   sabrina
    Just Telma Hopkins & Darius Mccrary.

  9. What is a question that you get a lot?   ~   Anony
    Am I really deaf, which has kind of always been a compliment if people really thought I actually could be.

  10. What is your favorite place to visit?   ~   Poser Leader
    ATL & NYC.