Brandi Alyssa Young is best known for her award winning short film entitled, Evil Rising, in which she not only starred in, but also wrote and produced. Her feature script that this short was based on is wining awards as well. Brandi has been acting since the age of 6, she graduated high-school two years early and excelled in writing. She is also a singer with a wide range of a Mezzo Soprano. She is currently on the festival circuit for her film as well as taking classes in NYC. She just signed with a manager in NYC and is looking forward to the future and what it may hold for her.
Character nameSeries nameYear aired
Frankie Trending 2015
Michelle Smith The Dark One 2012-2013

Character nameFilm nameYear aired
Skylar Evil Rising 2016
Katrina Scorpion: Vice City Shakedown 2016
Eve Vexatur 2016
Roxxxy LaRue What Had Happened Was 2015

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