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  1. If you could be on any TV show which one would it be?   ~   Jessica Day
    Mad Men!

  2. Do you relate to your character in real life?   ~   tania
    I understand her, because I've played her for some time now. But I don't relate to her. We're very different.

  3. What does it feel like having people come up to you in the shops and asking for photos?   ~   Annalise
    People are asking for photos because they're excited. And everyone is polite and pleasant. It's a nice thing to be on the receiving end of.

  4. Hi, congrats on the wedding and happy belated birthday. My question is, Is it possible to get an autograph from yourself and do you have an official website or facebook page for fans as there are alot of fanmade ones and nothing official?   ~   samantha khan
    Contact South Pacific Pictures regarding that: PO Box 104-124 Lincoln North, Auckland 0654.

  5. Hi Beth, Your a great actress! Just wanted to know if you prefer acting as nice characters or naughty characters?!? Thanks!   ~   Kym
    I prefer the characters who have substance to them. Often they're the ones with flaws.