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  1. When on set of how i met your mother, which of the cast members did you spend most of that time with?   ~   Erin Kennedy
    Most of my scenes were with Josh, who is one of the kindest, nicest people I've ever worked with. We have always had a great time together and he's become a special friend. I'm going to miss our time together. And also? I really loved playing with Alyson's daughter, Sati! She is SUCH a delight! We colored together and sang and I bounced around in her playroom with her whenever I had free time. She called me "the girl with the purple makeup," because I like to wear purple eyeshadow. :)

  2. If you could be on any TV show which one would it be?   ~   Jessica Day
    Oh, good question! Ok so full disclosure, a major goal in my life is to find a long running ensemble show where I'd have a small juicy part on a kind, jovial set. I flourish in the warm, family atmosphere that "safe" (meaning they won't get cancelled anytime soon) shows afford. Honestly, I want to work with great writers who understand what I'm capable of and push me to try scary new things. A secret: I'd love to play a drunk. Or a homeless person. Or a drunk homeless person. ANYWHERE, on any show.

  3. What would it take for you to come to Ecuador (half of the world, Galapagos Islands etc..)? PS: You are beautiful   ~   Alejandro
    YOU are beautiful! Never been to Galapagos islands... Would LOVE to go there. Ok so truly, I'm a "doula" It's like... A birthing coach for women in labor? I got certified a few years ago. And I went to Bangladesh to do childbirth education there and work with women who are pregnant and it was amazing. And I'll do it again in a different country! I will, watch. Show me a group of women who need help in Ecuador and I'll be there!

  4. Hi, Ashley, I'm a big fan and think you're a stunning actress! :-) I love seeing you on How I Met Your Mother! So, I was wondering if we can expect to see more of Victoria this season.   ~   Josephine
    Oh your love means so much to me... And I'd never say never but honestly I think they kinda phased me out. Which is sad because I loved working on the show but I feel like it's secretly amazing because I may be able to do something else that's fun and that makes me giggle. Stay tuned! I'll keep you posted!