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  1. Vote for 'Shackles Salsa'
    18th September 2016

    The Latin Tribute to Gospel Artist Mary Mary, is registered in the Independent Music Awards! We want as many fans possible to help nominate Shackles Salsa into the next phase! So, we've put together simple steps for you to nominate this record.

    First, if you have not heard the record you can hear it here:

    Did you enjoy it? Good!

    Now go to:

    Register as a Fan and Vote by clicking Vote then, the Latin Genre box. Once you're there search for Shackles Salsa. It's in Page 9 under "S." Then press nominate!!

    Deadline to vote is 9/23/16


  2. New single 'Alsare Mis Ojos' update
    12th July 2016

    Finally, my first Piano Solo single, "Alsare Mis Ojos" is out and in iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. Also! Spotify! Like I mentioned in my first exclusive blog here on StarQA, this record is emotional, fun and spiritual. I would love for you to go and search for my record get it, and leave a review. Let's make a statement and tell the world your feeling about my dope song. And feel free to screen shot the purchase and post it on my wall on my Facebook page, The rest of the songs will be in my Concerto Album being released in the coming weeks.


  3. New single 'Alsare Mis Ojos' release date
    6th July 2016

    My new unreleased single "Alsare Mis Ojos" is my very first official piano solo record to be released exclusively by Saon Media this summer. In this record, I was able to sit and enjoy a small journey of piano playing with no one around. This record is a fun, emotional, and loving piece — I never expected to do something like this. Yes, at my live shows I would improvise and do piano solo pieces without the band, but this time — an album of piano solos? A new experience for me. This record is an inspirational type of record. I've chosen popular inspirational songs both in the Spanish and English lists, and made piano solo pieces out of them. My foundation love towards genres is Latin. So think Latin Jazz, Classical. This will be my third solo album. My first solo album is "Harvest Unto The Lord", "Keys to The Kingdom" and now "Concerto Album" with the single to be released first! You can go to Spotify, iTunes and any online music stores to hear my music. I look forward to sharing more updates as info comes along! Here is the making of my new single: ENJOY!!