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  1. The #ShacklesSalsa record is to me the hottest Christian Salsa out! You did a hell of a good job on that! Any new records associated with #ShacklesSalsa coming out?   ~   Luis
    Thank you so much! It was teamwork and it was fun! At the moment there is no record that will be associated with ShacklesSalsa. Focusing on hearing back from Unsigned Music Competition if the record made it to the semi-finalists. And also placing the record in the Independent Music Awards. This project will take a while so I'm not trying to record anything related to Shackles Salsa. Thanks Luis.

  2. Have you got any tours coming up? I want to meet you in person! You're a great musician!   ~   Juliana
    Tours? Well, my manager and I are working to put a tour together for my music and new music. No dates yet. But you can stay informed by staying connected to my FB Page. I look forward to meeting you as well. And thanks!

  3. I enjoy all of your posts on Social Media Anthony. What inspires you to be so active on Social Media?   ~   Joan Rivera
    Honestly, I do it for myself then everyone else. The life I live as a music entrepreneur requires so much self-motivation and hustle. So pouring my heart on SocialMedia is therapy for me. :-)