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  1. What is your dream role?   ~   @jerseymom4btr
    At this point, I'd love to show my range of abilities. I would love to be in a Western, riding horses and wearing cowboy boots and a cool cowboy hat. I would love to be in any role like The Hunger Games or Scott Westerfeld's Uglies, if that is turned into a movie. The Transformer movies are my favorite, and I would love to work with that cast. I am also drawn to The Outsider-type movies, so that would be cool. I have to say, nothing could prepare me more than working on OLTL.

  2. What was a normal day on set like?   ~   @LipsonEmily
    I don't know if any day was a normal day, depending on who was working! I always went to Tommy's food truck, every day I was on set, for an egg, cheese, and bacon sandwich and maybe a glazed twisted donut. Every single day. So, after eating, I usually crashed in the room I shared with Eddie and David. Someone had painted glow-in-the dark stars on the ceiling, and it was pretty cool. Now, I know I said I don't sleep late, but when I had a seven a.m. Call, that meant I had to leave my house around four in the morning, so after my breakfast, I would sleep, always wakened to, "Good morning, Llanview!". Not a bad way to wake up.. Then it was dry rehearsal, wardrobe, make up, goofing around, doing school work, seeing what Josh left in the freezer, usually ice cream, stealing what Josh left in the freezer, going up to the set for blocking and taping. And ordering lunch. Summer was much easier for me because I didn't have school work and could focus more on acting.

  3. How old was you when he started playing soccer?   ~   @Cydney34
    I was in preschool when I started playing soccer, but apparently I wasn't too interested. I picked dandelions and brought them to my mom after each game. I played recreation soccer until eighth grade, school soccer, and joined my first travel team when I was ten. I gravitated toward midfield, and that's my position of choice.

  4. What was your fav OLTL storyline?   ~   @sexilexi4life
    Any storyline Jack was in! I definitely thought no matter how unbelievable some of the storylines were, you could suspend your disbelief and enjoy the show. Ron is a master storyteller, and how the stories unfolded was interesting to watch. Of course, I enjoyed anything with McBain and Natalie. Any episode with Tuck was fantastic, and you can never go wrong with Todd and Blair.

  5. What are your hobbies?   ~   @twistedtiana96
    Most people know I play soccer year round. I have been with my travel team for about eight years, and we all love the game. Fishing is something I love, a few weeks ago I was out and a pod of dolphins circled us. There must have been about forty dolphin. A mother and her baby kept jumping out of the water, never leaving one another's side. Just this weekend, a school of bunker came right under the boat. It seemed as though it was raining. I do like to read, watch movies, and listen to music. And Xbox, of course, playing video games is the best way to delay homework.

  6. If you could have played any other character than Jack, who would have been?   ~   @Smile_4me_9
    I am assuming I need to stick with OLTL for this question. I would have liked to have been on Fraternity Row, just to show my versatility as an actor. I know I could have been the alter of Jack Manning. I loved playing Jack, especially when he went from being a one-dimensional bully to becoming more complex. He tried to maintain his tough guy exterior, yet also wanted to take the blame for his actions. It was great when he was forming a relationship with Todd, and it would have been cool to see where that led. I guess I would have liked to be one of the Ford brothers... who wouldn't?

  7. What makes you laugh?   ~   @Maggie666
    Everything my dog does makes me laugh. My friends always make me laugh, but my brother Jason makes me laugh the most. He is hysterical. Jason could be the star of his own sitcom.

  8. How are you similar to Jack?   ~   @seremdipity
    Jack is into sports and he has good taste in clothes. I definitely should have asked for some of Jack Manning's wardrobe. Especially the black leather jacket. I liked how Jack's t-shirts had images of sharks, dead birds... subtle negative connotations. Then as Jack grew up, his image improved. I just throw on shirts and shorts and don't put much emphasis on what I wear. I probably should. I am definitely not a bully or cyber bully, although having two brothers does result in some heavy-duty wrestling matches.

  9. What are some of your nicknames, or do your friends and family call you Andrew?   ~   @stargazer
    I've had many nicknames, the first was given to me when I was just a baby. I never slept past six a.m., no matter what time I went to bed, so I was called "Captain Sunshine." I still don't sleep late, ever. I am always up early, by seven o'clock, and on Christmas, even earlier! My friends call me Andrew, no surprise there.

  10. Will you def be at the stars and strikes event in october? I really wanna meet you again your the best!   ~   @oltlfan99
    I am definitely attending the Stars and Strikes event this year to show off my bowling skills, of which I really have none unless there are bumpers, but, more importantly, to raise money for the American Cancer Society. It is always great seeing fans and my friends from OLTL.