Who Are We?

We are passionate about putting fans 'in touch' with their favourite celebrities and StarsQA is an exclusive platform where fans get the unique opportunity to send in questions to their favourite stars. We collate the questions and submit them to the celebrities.

We are fortunate that the Stars who have registered with us are dedicated to their fans and committed to answering fan questions regardless of their busy schedule. Once the questions are answered we produce them into an open-ended interview.

Meet the StarsQA Site Owner & Creator

Jenny Hills (Directing the team from New Zealand)

Jenny is the brain child of StarsQA and was inspired to create StarsQA after getting frustrated when hearing callers on radio shows who were waiting to speak to their favourite stars, being cut off because the radio station ran out of time - from this StarsQA was born and the rest is history.

Jenny's passion (when not working on the StarsQA site) is spending quality time walking her puppy Max who is a Bichon Griffon.

Credentials: Degree in Computing specialising in web development
Fun fact: Jenny lives, breathes and sleeps StarsQA!
Contact her: jhills@starsqa.com

This site has been open since 13th August 2012
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