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  1. If you were able to travel back in time, where will you go, when, who will you meet, and why?   ~   Dylan
    The 70's!!!!!! I would go to Woodstock and meet everyone there. I just think those times were soooo much cooler!!

  2. From all the people you've worked with, who's your favorite co-star and why?   ~   Lena
    Honestly, the most fun I have are on the low budget movies that everyone is a part of because the passion, not the money. I'd say it was on this little ridiculous family Christmas movie I did called Christmas Spirit. I worked with Maureen McCormick and Alexandra Paul and they were two of the sweetest women I've worked with to date.

  3. Hello! What do you like most about being an actor?   ~   Sanji
    Hello! I change my mind a lot in life, I get bored easy. Acting is the only career where I can play a soldier at war one day, then the next I'm a drug dealer. It's soo much fun getting lost in someone with characteristics so far from your own.

  4. Salute, Aaron, what are you dreams and what are your fears? xo   ~   Amelie
    Hello! My dreams are of course to be the best actor I can be. Not famous, that really means nothing to me! I do this because I enjoy it and I want to push my limits every day playing a new person in a new place with a new problem. I HATE spiders. I will run like a little girly man if I ever see one!

  5. Aaron, what attracted you to the role of Bryan?   ~   Amelie
    It's funny, my best friend named Bryan was originally supposed to play the role. It was literally written for him! Unfortunately he couldn't do the movie so I stepped in. What attracted me to the role? Well, who doesn't want to play a rich druggie teenager with a gun!