Anniversary messages

  1. Paige Lindgren

  2. Kacey Fifield

    Happy 5th Anniversary! You Rock! I love being a part of StarsQA. Congrats and lots of <3<3

  3. Victoria Grace

    HAPPY 5TH ANNIVERSARY, STARSQA! You're the best! Thank you so much for your support! Wishing you much more success over the years to come!

  4. Perry Ball

    I am glad you have made if five years. Congratulations! Now lets make 5 decades.

  5. Allison Augustin

    Happy anniversary! It's so cool what you've done; helping fans be able to connect with stars and stars to be able to answer fans questions! It's been an amazing 5 years! Can't wait to see what the next few years will bring at Stars QA!

  6. Trinity Rose


  7. Dino wells

    Happy Birthday to YOU! And many more.
    Happy awesome Birthday SQA, you are going stronger, bigger and better than ever.

  8. John Elvis

    Happy Birthday!

  9. Kiersten Murphy

    StarsQA is such a wonderful way to communicate with fans ! They've achieved so much in five years. Here's to five more amazing years !

  10. Marcelo Grion

    5 years is a BIG accomplishment !!! Congratulations !!! and much continued success!!!
  11. Ava Augustin

  12. Jacques Derosena

    Joyeux Aniversaire | Happy Anniversary to STARSQA. Many more years of blessings. Celebrating YOU & Your Awesomeness!!!! Ciao!!!!

  13. Mark Musto

    Congrats on 5 great years !!

  14. Athena Park

    Happy 5th anniversary. Thanks for all you do!!

  15. Karoline Rhett

    Happy Anniversary Stars QA

  16. Christine Barger

  17. Samuel Caruana

  18. England Simpson

    Happy Anniversary!!! #5thYearCelebration

  19. Richy Jacobs

    Congratulations on five years Jenny of StarsQA !! Cheers to another 5 years !!

  20. Akyra Alihaah Carter

    Happy Birthday and looking forward to many more!
  21. Anthony Rodriguez

  22. Kennedy Anthony

    In honor of your fifth amazing year; congratulations on this very important milestone!! This is a time to celebrate all the successes that you have conquered!! Wishing you many many more wonderful years; even better than the first five!! Happy Anniversary to the real superstars... Stars Q&A!

    With sugar & spice & everything nice, Actress Kennedy Anthony

  23. Dawn Leetch

    happy 5th anniversary with many more to come!!!



  25. Lulu Lambros

    Happy 5th Anniversary STARSQA‼️
    Happy 5th STARSQA! Thanks for all the support! I love connecting with the fans! Lulu ❤️

  26. Mark Brathwaite

    Happy 5th anniversary to StarsQA! Thank you for believing in my music, and continuing to support my budding career. Wishing you many more years of success & prosperity.
    Congratulations to StarsQA on 5 years of operations! As always, your support of MCB Music is truly appreciated and I wish you many more : )

  27. Gregory Blair

    Happy 5th Anniversary StarsQA! All the best!