StarsQA has been online for 4 years on 13th August 2016

and this page shows how we marked this occasion.

Anniversary messages

  1. Anthony Rodriguez = I want to wish a Happy 4th Anniversary to StarsQA. Thank you for making a site that helps us communicate with our fans. And for promoting our messages across the social platforms. I look forward to any changes and upgrades that will allow us to do more. Thanks again StarsQA!

  2. Anna Easteden = Congratulations on 4 years!!

  3. Damarion hall = Congratulations on your anniversary may you have many more blessed years, y'all are awesome.

  4. Marcelo Grion = 4 years !!! Congratulations!!! Amazing idea and amazing people!!! Happy Anniversary StarsQA !!!

  5. Richy Jacobs = Congrats on 4 years of helping fans connect with me !!
    I wish you many more successful years !!
    ;-) You rock Jenny ! ;-)

  6. William Leon = Congratulations on 4 years!

  7. Tamara Truly Wahrmund = Happy Anniversary! Wishing you another 4 years and so many more! <3

  8. Dino Wells = Happy Anniversary StarsQA, and many more.

  9. Taylor-Grace = Thank you so much for everything StarsQA!! Happy Anniversary! XO

  10. Daniel Monaco = Congrats on 4 years StarsQA!

  11. Angel Berry = Happy ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!
    Thank you so much for having this wonderful site!

  12. Samie Bisaso = Keep up the good work!
    Happy Anniversary

  13. Anna Lakomy = Kudos to the amazing team behind StarsQA!!!!! Wishing you many more successful years :)

  14. Kiersten Murphy = I'm part of StarsQA and it's an awesome way to interact with your fans and it's amazing that it's been going on for four years.
    Congratulations for four years, StarsQA !

  15. Tiffany = Congratulations on being online for 4 years on 08/13/2016.

  16. Erin Gavin = Happy birthday!! Congrats :) lots of love from Erin Gavin xo

  17. Mark Musto = Happy 4th Anniversary "StarsQA" Here's to 100 more !!!

  18. Gigi Cappetta =

  19. Lauren Suthers = Congratulations & Happy 4 Years StarsQA!!
    Thank you for all the support & Here's to many more!:) <3

  20. Aja Neinstein = Happy Anniversary!!! <3

  21. Mark Schaefer = Congratulations on your awesome 4 years on the inter-webs! :) Glad to be part of this unique and original site that provides talent to interact with fans and up and comers!

  22. Jenn Gotzon = Glorious day! Fireworks & high kicks for 4 years of awesomeness!! May the next 4 years be splendid!

  23. Paul J. Alessi = Congratulations on your 4 year anniversary!

  24. Keith Lyle = Happy 4th Birthday StarsQA!!!!

  25. Karoline Rhett = Happy Anniversary ! Congrats to 4 years online

  26. Brandon Tyler Russell = HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Here's to many more years to come.

  27. Kaya Rose Davis = Happy Anniversary, we are so happy for Four Years success for StarsQA, it is such an amazing way to connect with fans and get to know each other. Keep up all the good work Kaya Rose Davis loves all of you.

  28. Mark Brathwaite = StarsQA has been incredibly supportive of my music & art. Happy 4th Anniversary to Jenny and the entire team!! Here's to many more =D

  29. Jacques Derosena =


  31. Kassidy Slaughter = Happy 4 year Anniversary to StarsQA!!

  32. Allison and Ava Augustin = Happy anniversary StarsQA! Thanks for all the love and support over the years!

  33. Ruthie Lazenberry = Congrats

  34. Makenna Beatty = Happy Anniversary STARSQA!!!! Thank you for supporting all of us, and allowing us to connect with fans around the world!!!!! All the best!!!!

  35. Cody = All the actors and actresses are proud to answer the questions from so many fans, I'm very proud of everyone in this website and I hope you enjoy this very cool celebration

  36. Tennille Day Chief = Congrats to StarsQA for being online for 4 years, I would like you to know that your site has been really helpful to stars like me and makes answering fan mail so much easier Though your efforts we could never repay, we have this one thing to say: you've made all the difference in every way! I wish you much more success in the years ahead, Happy Anniversary!

  37. Chris = Happy 4th Birthday! Wishing this website many many more!

  38. Jessica Mikayla Adams = Happy 4th Birthday StarsQA

  39. Dino Wells = Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear StarsQA, Happy Birthday to you, And MANY MANY more :-)

  40. RICHY JACOBS = Happy Anniversary !! Cheers to another 4 years !!

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